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wholesale Magnetic Receptive Media

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Magnetic receptive material (soft magnet material) –FF Steel film series has no magnetic strength itself, but can magnetize with permanent magnets.Newlife magnetic receptive material is made from eco-friendly materials that meet RoHS and EN71-3 standards. It is a kind of polymer composite material, made of a layer of magnetic receptive raw material tightly bound with a layer of printable media under Newlife’s patent technology. It is the thinnest and lightest magnetic receptive film in Newlife’s products.
FF Steel film series is also a kind of printable media. The printable liners on FF products are applied with PET, PP, PVC, canvas, and coated paper etc. It can be printed as easy as traditional printable media, and get high quality images, suitable for wide print processes, such as digital inkjet print for UV curable, eco-solvent, water-base, HP Latex, laser print of HP Indigo and TONER, offset print, flexo and label print, screen print, etc.
Advantage of Magnetic Receptive Material
●Working as magnetism principle on magnets, easy to apply, remove and change without residue.
●Light, soft and super thin, easily printed as normal media.
●Good weather resistance, excellent for durable indoor display, big size is available.
Main product list of Magnetic Receptive Material
Item CodeMaterial of printing layerThickness(total)WeightPrinting methods
FF-ST340Matt White PET0.18mm(±0.02)~340g/m2Latex, (eco)solvent, UV ink, offset/flexo and etc.
FF-SP320Matt White PP0.25mm(±0.02)~320g/m2Latex, (eco)solvent, UV ink and etc.
FF-UP320Matt White PP0.22mm(±0.02)~320g/m2UV ink, offset/flexo and screen print
FF-WP320Matt White PP0.24mm(±0.02)~320g/m2Pigment, offset/flexo, screen print and etc.
FC-WCV470Matt White Canvas0.38mm(±0.02)~350g/m2Latex, pigment and ect.
Standard Size of Magnetic Receptive Material
30 M ( 100 Ft )914mm ( 36’’ )
50 M ( 165 Ft )1070mm ( 42’’ )
1270mm ( 50’’ )
1370mm ( 54’’ )
1524mm ( 60’’ )
1626mm ( 64’’ )
Package of Magnetic Receptive Material:
Application of Magnetic Receptive Material
Process and Storage:
Working condition: temperature 15℃ to 30℃, and relative humidity 30% to 60%.
Application condition: temperature change is within 20℃ daily, relative humidity change is within 30%.
Storage condition: closed preserve avoiding sunlight, in temperature 10℃ to 35℃, relative humidity 20% to 70%
Shelf life: 12 months under storage condition. Unfinished material should be seal-packed, and used up within one month.
For more information, please contact us.wholesale Magnetic Receptive Media
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