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German Standard Automotive Cable

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FLR12Y thin wall low voltage wires with TPEE insulation
● Product introduction of this FLRY12 thin wall low voltage wire
This FLR12Y thin wall low voltage wire for automobile has passed DIN 72551.5-1996. The rated temperature is 125℃ and the rated voltage is 25 VAC/60VDC. The insulation of this product is TPE-E. It also comply with RoHS and REACH environmental standard. The conductor used stranded, bare copper . Uniform insulation thickness to ensure easy stripping and cutting are advantages of this product.
● Product feature of this FLRY12 thin wall low voltage wire
Rated temperature:125℃
Rated voltage: 25 VAC/60VDC
Origin place: Suzhou,China
Reference standard: DIN72551,ISO6722
● Product packaging and delivery of this FLRY12 thin wall low voltage wire
Brand name: DAREWAY
Colour: available for your requirement
Package length: 500m,1000m,1500m,2000m per roll
Outer package:carton or pallets
Delivery time/ways: 7days/FOB Shanghai
Payment terms: T/T, L/C
● Application of this FLRY12 thin wall low voltage wire
It can apply to internal wiring of vehicles and electronic equipment.
It can widely use in It is widely used in nuclear power stations, subway stations, telephone exchanges and computer control centers, high-rise building buildings, hotels, radio and television stations, important military facilities, oil platforms, as well as places with concentrated personnel and low air density.
● Frequently asked question
Q: What’s your main product?
A: From now on, Our main products including as: Automotive wire, UL electrical wires, PVC wires,XLPE Wires, Spring cables, Power Cables and so on.. Single core UL electrical wire can use in electronic equipment internal wire, for example, UL1007,UL1015,UL3321 and so on. Multi-core UL electrical wire can apply to outdoor or other demand of shield and protection electronic internal wire, such as UL2464, UL20276 and so on
Q: Can I have the sample?
A: Of course. The small quantity samples are free to you. You just need to afford the freight cost.
● Product specification of this FLRY12 thin wall low voltage wire
● Product Photo of this FLRY12 thin wall low voltage wire
● Company profile
● Our main products
By Standard: Automotive Wire; UL Electrical Wire; Silicon Rubber Wire; Teflon Wire; Power Cables; XLPE Cable; PVC Cable; EV Charging Cable; Building Wire; Network Cable; Coaxial Cable; Shield cable; Flat ribbon wire; Spring wire; FRLS Cable
By insulation: PVC/SRPVC/XLPVC Wire
XLPE/XLPO wire (125~150℃ )Wire
Silicon Rubber /EPDM wire
By application: appliances wire and cable; communication cable; internet cable; power cord; automobile wire and cable; building wire; automatic control cable; robot wire and cable; new energy charging cable.
● Our laboratory
● Certification
● Our partner
● Why choose us
We are the professional wire and cable manufacturer
Reliable quality management system ( ISO9001/TS16949 )
The best management system ( ERP )
Meet all of international Standard(ISO/IEC/UL/CSA/JASO/DIN/SAE...)
Experienced Overseas Marketing Team and Technical Support
Competitive Price,100% Quality; Fast Delivery; No MOQ; 24Hours to serviceGerman Standard Automotive Cable
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