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Diamond Polishing Pads price

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HIGH-TECH Premium 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads
Product Description
1. HIGH-TECH Premium 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads are Suitable for natural stone,marble,granite,concrete and etc.Using 3-step Diamond Polishing Pad, you will get the ultimate polishing gloss. This unique three-step polishing pad can save time, money and achieve the best shine.
2. 3 step polishing pads granite are engineered with a high quality and concentration of diamond to provide a combination of a speed, polish and life for an excellent cost-performance value.
3. Configuration: Resin bonded, Velcro backed
4. The 3-steps polishing pads feature fast glazing and high efficiency.Good choice for small project, saving much time.
5. Suitable for both dry and wet polishing. Water is preferred for longer tools life.
6. Wet and Dry diamond polish pads Grit: 1#(coarse),2#(medium),3#(fine)
7. Size: Diameter 4inch/100mm, 3MM material height.
Product Details

Item Specifications
Premium 3-steps Diamond Fast Polishing Pad for Stone4" (100mm)1#(coarse)
锝?-steps diamond dry polishing pad features Easy and fast polishing ideal for DIY users.
锝ast polishing pad can be used both wet and dry.
锝hite colored polishing pads leaving no color on stone, very suitable for polishing white marble and light color stone and concrete.
锝he polishing effect is as good as traditional 7 grits polishing pads.
Tips for use
If working in one place for too long, the lower grit pad tends to engrave a circular pattern on the surface, so using a lower grit requires moving the polisher faster. It is important to clean the surface at least after every two grits to remove residual diamonds so that they do not continue to scratch the polished surface.
1.What are 3 step pads and when should I use them? Are they as good as traditional pads?
Polishing marble typically uses a diamond polishing pad in three stages: sanding (50-200 grit), honing (200-800 grit) and polishing (800-3000 grit). 3-steps polishing pads are new technology using higher grade coated diamonds allows you to reduce the process to just 3 pads. Pad 1# Grinds all scratches and nicks . Pad 2# removes the micro-scratches and swirl patterns from the first pad. Pad 3# takes out the color and gloss over the pad 2. These 3-step diamond polishing pads dramatically reduced the steps of polishing job to produce a high quality shine compared to the regular polishing system. Great for DIY users.
2.Can I get 3 step polishing pad samples to test the quality?
Yes we accept small trial orders.
3.How do you deliver the 3 steps polishing pads?
Delivery can be negotiated, we can send by courier, by sea, and by air according to customers鈥?requirement.
4.Do you sell backing pads to work with the fast polishing pads?
Yes we have all kinds of backing pads for stone grinding pads, foam , rubber and aluminum backing pads with threads. Welcome to inquire with us for quotation.Diamond Polishing Pads price
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