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filler master batch

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Product Dsecription: BaSO4 filler masterbatch made of highly pury precipitated BaSO4. It improves the transparency of polyethylene film obviously as well as slowing down production cost. And also can improve rigidity, specific gravity of filler product, and can reduce product contractility and the deformation caused by contractility, can be prolongable for useful life. Good processing, non-toxic, non-moisture absorption. Product Date: MeshNano CarrierPE/PP Applicationinjection molding, extrusion molding, etc. MFI(g/10min)1-5 (Customized) Melting Point(℃)120-150 Density(g/cm3)2.0-2.4 Moisture Content(%)≤0.1 Grain Diameter(mm)1.8-3.8 Package25Kg per paper bag or plastic bag, or customized Technical SpecificationSGS Certificate Payment termsTT, LC etc. Delivery timeLess than 7 days MOQ1 Tons Add RatioRecommend to add 2%-40% StorageKeep the products in a dry, ventilated place, Note to avoid moisture and insolation, rain and breakage in transportation Product Advantages: 1.High transparent and brightness, the refractive index close to the PP, PE. 2.The high adding ratio is more than 50%. 3.Good dispersion; do not separate out. 4.High tensile strength. 5.Improve the plastic products'mechanical properties, increase the intensity and stiffness. 6.Increase the extrusion output as per unit time, improve the production efficiency and reduce the total production cost. SGS Certification: Production Process: Testing equipment: Exhibition: Shandong Nuosen Plastic Co.,Ltd enjoys high reputation among companies in both domestic and international companies. We cooperating closely with more than 200 companies inside the country and our products have been exporting to many countries or areas. Certification: All the products are carefully put through quality-controlled inspections, the ISO9001 certification is approved and SGS, ROHS,FDA certifications are also available to the products of the company. Contact us: Email:sales@nuosenmasterbatch.com Tel:+86-534-6106797 Fax:+86-534-6107797 Phone:+86-18866859879 Skype:nuosenplastic Whatsapp:+86-18866859879 Add:Xuyuanzi Township Industrial Park, Qingyun, Dezhou, Shandong, China If you're in need of barium sulfate filler masterbatch for blown film to help with your business, welcome to contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of various masterbatches, offering you the best quality products with good performance and competitive price.filler master batch website:http://www.nuosenmasterbatch.com/filler-masterbatch/
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