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6 Core ADSS Cable suppliers

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Double Jacket Aerial ADSS Fiber Optic Cable
Cores available: 1-144 cores
Span: 50-1000 meters
Aerial & conduit/duct application
Local trunk line
Computer networks system
What Is ADSS Optical Fiber Cable?
Definition of ADSS optical fiber cable
All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) is regarded as one of the best and highly recommended fiber cable. Majority of the professionals refer using this type of fiber optic cable due to its ability to self-support. Currently, the All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) is widely used by the electrical utility organisations as a communication medium. Consequently, the users of All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) incurs low installation cost since its easily and does not require technical experience to install. In reality, this type of the fiber optic cable is purposely designed to suit the ordinary users who don't posses technical experience.
Cables must be designed for the worst-case combinations of temperature, ice load, and wind. An installed cable must not sag so low that it can be damaged by traffic under the line. Cables must be installed so that "galloping" caused by sustained high wind does not cause the cable to hit conductors, and so that "sleet jump" caused by ice melting off the cable does not cause impacts. The water-blocking gel must not become so stiff at low temperature that the fibers are put under strain.

6 Core ADSS Cable suppliers
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