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Arc Proof Clothing manufacturers

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1. Product Introduction of the ARC Boiler Suit
An arc is the body's proximity to high voltage electricity, but it is not in contact. It is a jumper formed by the body's induction as a bridge. It can generate a maximum temperature of 29,400 degrees Celsius, which is about four times the surface temperature of the sun, causing intense blasting and Electric burns. When an electric arc occurs, huge energy is released in a very short time. The vaporization of metal conductive elements causes high temperature steam and metal to expand rapidly. The rapid and thermal expansion of air and metal vapors can cause huge loud explosions and tremendous pressure. Main causes of arcing are: damage to electrical conductors and insulating materials that use poor performance, accidental contact of the human body or other objects with live objects, design or installation errors, and poor maintenance Or maintenance equipment

2.Product Details of the ARC Boiler Suit
The main form of arc damage
1. Arc-explosive burns are the most serious injuries in arcing injuries. They are mainly due to thermal energy emitted from arc explosions and splashed molten metal. The
2. An arc explosion causes burns after clothing is burned or drops of clothing, resulting in severe burns. The
3. Hearing damage caused by the loud noise generated by the arc explosion. The
4. Physical damage caused by the impact of an arc explosion.

Burns caused by arc explosions are one of the most serious injuries.
The arc temperature can reach 35,000F which is approximately equal to 20,000C, which is four times warmer than the surface of the sun. Its deadly incineration can produce a distance of more than 10 feet (3 meters). The low degree of arc quite holds the energy of the explosion of the firecrackers. The medium degree is equivalent to the energy of one explosive and the energy of one bomb is high. As many as 80% of all electrical injuries are caused by the burning of arc flashes and the ignition of Arc boiler suit . More than 2,000 people are considered to be serious electrical burns each year in the United States.

Arc boiler suit protective clothing has the following features and characteristics:
1. Arc protection energy rating: 5.3cal/cm2. **Cal/cm2 (calories per square centimeter) is the total energy over a unit area, which is the unit of arc magnitude.
The exposure energy of 2.1 cal/cm2 is equivalent to 1 second of a lighted cigarette butt on the fingertip.
3. As long as 1-2 cal/cm2, it will cause people's skin to cause 2 burns.
4. The Arc boiler suit is Permanent anti-arcing will not fail due to washing, or deterioration;
5. Meets NFPA 70E requirements in the United States and meets ASTM F1506-01(a) and GB8965-1998 standards
6. Passed IEC 61482-1 (2002-02) Ed 1.0 test
7. The use of flame-retardant reflective tapes from American 3M Inc. on the standard models increases visibility and is conducive to working in a power-off or dark environment;
8. Elastic cuffs, more flexible and convenient at work.
9. For safety, it is recommended to use a full set of anti-arcing equipment, arc-proof hoods, arc-proof clothing, Arc boiler suit and arc-proof gloves.

3.Product Accessories of the ARC Boiler Suit

4. Product Application of the ARC Boiler Suit

5. Factory of the ARC Boiler Suit

6.Product Certification of the ARC Boiler Suit

7.Deliver and Shipping of the ARC Boiler Suit

8. FAQ
Q : What about your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
A : Fabric: Regular products: 2000 meters
Unconventional products: 3000 meters
Aramid Fabric and Modacrylic fabric: 1000 meters
Garment: 1000 covers
Q : What is your regular term of payment?
A : The customer of China: Fully payment before delivery.
Foreign customer: L/C, T/T, T/T+D/P.
Q:Can you produce small orders?
A:Yes, we do. If your order is smaller than our MOQ, we can arrange special for you but the cost would be higher.
Q : Do you only supply fabric, or also do complete garments?
A : We own a dyeing and finishing factory and a garment factory.Arc Proof Clothing manufacturers
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