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wholesale TEFC Explosion Proof Motors

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Our History
In 2005, Nanyang Harward began producing and sourcing high quality, high performance explosion proof electric motors from Nanyang and around China and had been exporting them to more than 50 countries and areas.
Our Factory
We have 3 factories in Nanyang and many partners in China producing high or low voltage, high or low efficiency, and inverter duty explosion proof electric motors.
Our Product
We supply low, medium and high voltage explosion proof electric motors with different efficiency levels, meeting different international standards, IEC and NEMA mainly.
Product Application
Our products are widely used in chemical, oil & gas, coal mine, petroleum drilling & refining and many other industries having hazardous environments.
Our Certificate
We have different products holding CE, ATEX, IECEX, CNEX/CQST, NEPSI, CU-TR/EAC, UL, CSA, DGMS certificates.
Product Market
Crane, Horizontal & Vertical Lathe, Cutting & Grinding Machines, VPI Tanks, Testing Stations, Dynamic balancing machines, Automatic Painting Lines, etc.
Production Market
We have been selling our products to North America, Australia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, and many other European and South-east Asian countries. Motors there are working well and are popular with many clients.
Our Service
Any pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale inquiries and problems will be replied and solved fast,  in time and satisfactorily.wholesale TEFC Explosion Proof Motors
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