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Aluminum Heatsink For Led Light suppliers

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▲Our History
In order to maintain our position in the field of die casting parts supplier excellence. The perfect quality assurance system, precision testing equipment, excellent quality, professional security three-in-one, build a solid fortress high quality. With the accelerated process of global economic integration, people know that technological innovation is the source and power of enterprise development. Strong technical force and technical resources itself is a solid foundation for growing .
▲Our Factory
Our company, Jiaxing Friendly Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in high quality die casting
parts and machining parts in China. 90% of our products are exported to America and Europe markets. We always strive to improve our abilities to fulfill all the customers' requirements, with high quality products, good service and competitive price.
Our Company is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, east coast of China, next to Shanghai, shares a very convenient traffic.
Quality first, Customer-oriented, standardized management and Continual improvement is our persistent goal.
▲Our Product
TV Bracket Parts;Auto Parts;Furniture Parts;Led Light Parts;Tourist Parts;Heat Sinks;Led Heat Sinks
▲Product Application
▲Our Certificate
ISO9001-2008;Utility model patent certificate
▲Production Equipment
280T Die casting Machine;560T Die casting machine;Tools;420T die casting machine;Hydraulic punching machine;die casting room; automatic lathe;Blasting machine;saw machine
▲Production Market
Europe;United StatesAluminum Heatsink For Led Light suppliers
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