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Infrared Emitter suppliers

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1608 is an infrared emitting diode in miniature SMD package which is molded in a water clear plastic with flat top view lens.
The device is spectrally matched with silicon photodiode and phototransistor.
Small double-end package
Low forward voltage
Good spectral matching to Si photo detector
Package in 8mm tape on 7" diameter reel
Pb free
The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
Compliance with EU REACH
PCB mounted infrared sensor
Infrared emitting for miniature light barrier
Floppy disk drive
Optoelectronic switch
Smoke detector
Package: 1608
Orientation: Top View
Mounting: SMD
Type: Emitter
Off State Lens Color: Water Clear
Length: 1.6mm
Width: 0.8mm
Thickness: 0.8mm
Peak Wavelength: 940nm
Viewing Angle: 150 deg.
Test Current: 20mA
Typ. Forward Voltage: 1.2V
Max. Forward Voltage: 1.5V
Min. Radiant Intensity: 0.2mW/sr
Typ. Radiant Intensity: 0.7mW/sr
Max. Pulsed Current: 1000mA
Min. Operating Temp.: -25C
Max. Operating Temp.: 85C
Packaging: Tape & Reel
Min. Storage Temp.: -40C
Max. Storage Temp.: 85C
1. Do not open moisture proof bag before the products are ready to use.
2. Before opening the package, the LEDs should be kept at 10鈩儈30鈩?and 90%RH or less.
3. The LEDs suggested be used within one year.    
4. After opening the package, the devices must be stored at 10掳C~30掳C and 飩?60%RH, and used within 168 hours (floor life). If unused LEDs remain, it should be stored in moisture proof packages.
5. If the moisture absorbent material (desiccant material) has faded or unopened bag has exceeded the shelf life or devices (out of bag) have exceeded the floor life, baking treatment is required.
6. If baking is required, refer to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 for bake procedure or recommend the following conditions: 96 hours at 60掳C 卤 5掳C and < 5 % RH (reeled/tubed/loose units)
1. Above specification may be changed without notice. EVERLIGHT will reserve authority on  .material change for above specification.
2. The graphs shown in this datasheet are representing typical data only and do not show  .guaranteed values.
3. When using this product, please observe the absolute maximum ratings and the instructions for .use outlined in these specification sheets. EVERLIGHT assumes no responsibility for any  .damage resulting from use of the product which does not comply with the absolute maximum  .ratings and the instructions included in these specification sheets.
4. These specification sheets include materials protected under copyright of EVERLIGHT. .Reproduction in any form is prohibited without the specific consent of EVERLIGHT.
5. This product is not intended to be used for military, aircraft, automotive, medical, life sustaining .or life saving applications or any other application which can result in human injury or death. .Please contact authorized Everlight sales agent for special application request.Infrared Emitter suppliers
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