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China Oil Tubing manufacturers

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Tubing mainly used to transport oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas. It includes oil drilling pipe, oil casing, pump tubing. Oil drill pipes are mainly used to connect drill collar and drill and pass drilling power. Oil casing is mainly used to support the borehole when drilling and after completion, to ensure that the conduct and completion of the drilling process after the normal operation of the entire oil wells.
To ensure a quality product as per API 5CT standards, casing and tubing are gone through a series of quality tests that include the hydro test, straightness check, welding test and evaluation etc.

Material  J55/K55, N80-1, N80Q , P110, Q125, steel grade
Outer Diameter  2 3/8"-4 1/2", (73.02-114.3mm)
Wall Thickness  4.83-16mm
Forms of thread  External upset, Non upset
Function  It is used to transfer oil and gas.

API developed specifications for three different connectors for use as tubing joints:
External-upset tubing and coupling
Non-upset tubing and couplings
Integral-joint tubing
The API external-upset-end (EUE) tubing connection is widely used because it is a good, serviceable connection in most wells. The EUE joint has a designed joint strength in tension and pressure strength greater than that of the pipe body and, therefore, is considered a 100% joint efficient connection. . API EUE joints come in OD sizes of 1.050 to 4.500 in.
API nonupset (NUE) tubing is used much less than EUE tubing. The cost of NUE is only slightly less than EUE, and the joint strength is substantially less. The coupling joint diameter of NUE is less than EUE, which offers some advantages when clearance is small. API NUE joints are available in sizes of 1.050 to 4.500 in.
API integral-joint tubing is available in OD sizes of 1.315 to 2.063 in. API integral-joint tubing has a 10-round form with a joint strength that is less than the body minimum yield, which restricts its use. The small OD of integral-joint tubing permits its use inside larger tubing strings or in wells as unloading or vent strings.China Oil Tubing manufacturers
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