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Clearance Velvet Embroidered Epaulettes supplier

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About Us
Established in 1996,located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Nanjing Yizhijin Garment Accessories Ltd totally occupies 28000 square meters, is an old plant with 30 years experience, possessing seasoned technicians, original technological processes, perfect management team, and is a famous enterprise in Chinese label manufacturing. Because of years of experience, we have the reliable suppliers of raw material and make sure that we procure the raw material with the lowest price in the industry; we own the mold making workshop, printing workshop, embroidery workshop, vulcanization workshop, high frequency workshop, laser treatment workshop and sewing workshop. The improvement of production equipment eliminates the increased cost from outside processes. Several measures and advantageous conditions make sure that the price of our products is lower than other average enterprises.
Our Production Equipment
Nanjing Yizhijin Garment Accessories Ltd has 500 experienced workers, 30 technicians and quality control, 40 assembly lines, high-precise CNC mold machine and 15 imported computer embroidery machines. With so strong strength ,i believe you don’t need to worry about the quality and daily output.
Our Packing and QC
Strict quality control is the very and secure way to guarantee profit of our customers.We will try our best to make sure every product customers received meets their original standard,which makes customers stay in the highest position in the competitive market.
Our Exhibition
Our CertificationClearance Velvet Embroidered Epaulettes supplier
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