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UHMWPE Fiber For Cut Resistant manufacturers

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UHMWPE fiber has high strength, low density, wear resistance and shock absorption (vibration damping). It can be used as a reinforcement for all kinds of racket, snowboard, surfboard and bicycle frame materials. It can also be used directly to make racquet strings. Because UHMWPE fiber composites have higher specific strength, higher specific stiffness, better toughness and damage tolerance, the resulting sports equipment is light and durable.
Specification and Mechanical Property
ItemSpecificationTensile StrengthModulusBreaking Elongation
UHMWPE fiber composites have good impact toughness and are the highest in impact composite energy absorption. The impact absorption energy is 2.6, 3 and 1.8 times that of aramid, carbon fiber and E glass fiber composites, respectively. Because of its excellent impact resistance and good ballistic performance, it is suitable for body armor, helmets and bulletproof armor.Its light than water and the tenacity are up to 15 times than the high quality steel and around 40% stronger than aramid fiber.
Typical Applications:
Ultra-fine fishing lines and kite strings
Cut protection products (like level 5 cut resistant gloves)
Marine ropes or lines, industrial cordages and slings
Commercial fishing net, security netting and cargo nets
Composite armor inset panel for vehicles and aircraft
Police and military anti-ballistic vest and helmets
Q: What's the functions of this cut resistant Fiber?
A: This cut resistant Fiber is highly cut-resistant, featuring high durable ability for personal safety to prevent the possible harm by metal, glass, and knife, etc.
Q: Do you offer samples of this cut resistant Fiber?
A: We can provide samples, but the freight will bear by buyer.UHMWPE Fiber For Cut Resistant manufacturers
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