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Customized Aircraft Cabin Parts

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The primary premise of CNC precision parts processing is the accuracy of the process datum, the datum on the mechanical drawings are written with A capital letter A, B, C, D, etc. with A specific circle of the reference symbol, when the reference symbol aligned with the surface and the extension of the surface line or the dimensional boundaries of the surface, that is the surface as the datum. When the reference symbol is aligned with the dimension line, it means that it is based on the solid center line marked by the dimension.
Problems caused by improper arrangement of CNC processing technology
Using CNC processing equipment for processing, high efficiency, good quality, but if the process design arrangement is not good, it can not well reflect its advantages. From the experience of some CNC processing plants, there are some problems as follows:
1. The CNC machining process is too dispersed
The reason for this problem lies in the fear of complexity (refers to the preparation time), simple programming, simplified operation and processing, the use of a knife processing easy to adjust the knife, accustomed to ordinary processing. Thus, the product quality (position tolerance) is not easy to guarantee, and the production efficiency cannot be well played. Therefore, CNC machining process personnel and operators should be fully familiar with CNC machining knowledge, try more, in order to master the relevant knowledge, as far as possible to use the method of process concentration for processing, multi-purpose several times, will naturally reflect its advantages. After the adoption of process concentration, the unit processing time increased. We arranged two devices face to face, so that one person could operate two devices. The efficiency was greatly improved and the quality was well guaranteed.
2. Unreasonable CNC processing sequence
Some CNC machining operators consider the preparation of some problems, often the processing sequence arrangement is very unreasonable. CNC machining usually according to the requirements of the general mechanical processing process for processing, such as the first coarse after fine (for knife), after the first in, reasonable selection of cutting parameters, such as, quality and efficiency can be improved.Customized Aircraft Cabin Parts
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