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Industries Served

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Considered to be the biggest sector in the world by dollar value, the Oil and Gas industry is a global powerhouse, also vital to many other industries. The Oil and Gas machining parts requires good surface stability and high resistance to corrosion due to its durable, dependable components and often encounters expected situations requiring unique solutions.
Oil and Gas parts machining was focused on by Yiren Machinery. We cooperated with the world's leading oilfield service company, Schlumberger Limited, since 2005. During the cooperation period, we have produced over 32,000 pcs of parts in 80 different piece numbers among those that most has been recognized as the only supplier in China. If you are looking for an Oil and Gas machine shop, Yiren Machinery will be a right choice. To learn more about our machining capabilities or request a quote today and you will get a reliable partner for your project.Industries Served
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