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30/1 Single Yarn Free Sample

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Our History
More than ten years dedicated to high quality sewing thread development, trustworthy.
Our Factory
Yiwu YinXiang Textile CO., LTD. is located in the world's largest small commodity distribution base - Zhejiang Yiwu. specializes in producing all kinds of polyester thread/yarn, integrated processing and sale is a body, master the leading environmental dyeing process.
Our Product
100% Polyester sewing thread, High tenacity thread, Polyester Filament,Bale sewing thread, Single yarn, Covered spandex yarn, Latex yarn, Polypropylene yarn, embroidery thread
Product Application
Sewing thread widely used to jeans,baby carriage, hat,shoes, leather, winter clothing, protective clothing, thick quilt, cape glove, toy, general fashion fabric, knitted fabric, luxury clothes and underwear, thin fabric, ultra thin fabric, handkerchief. High tenacity thread, widely used to car seat covers, luggage, tourist shoes,leather shoes, leather jacket, sofa, mattress and so jet, Polyester Filament widely used to textile industry, knitwear fabrics clothing,home textiles of the cuffs, bag sewing, over-locking, towel and scarves. Bale sewing thread used to sew sack, canvas, the bag of rice, woven bag, Chemical fertilizer packaging bag, sack of cement and so on.Single yarn widely used to   weaving, knitting socks, spinning and first of embroider line. Covered spandex yarn, Latex yarn used to stretch denim, webbing, socks, underwear, lace, elastic fabrics, elastic cords, wristbands, hair accessories, masks, work gloves,Polypropylene yarn widely used to wristbands, socks, hair accessories, sportswear, insulation material. Embroidery thread widely used to handicrafts, apparel ornament, logo, pattern, computer embroidery.
Our Certificate
ISO Quality Certification, Textile Association Environmental Green Certification
Production Equipment
German imported equipment, more than 200 professional sewing thread equipment
Production Market
Export to 20 countries worldwide, have good reputation in Asia ,Russia, Ecuador, Spain and other regions
Our service
Select high quality raw materials, 100% quality, meet customer need30/1 Single Yarn Free Sample
спросил 08 Июль, 19 от ddwwppyy1 (300 баллов) в категории Частотная обработка

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