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Electric Escalator manufacturers

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Quick Details
EscalatorsPlace of Origin:
China (Mainland)Brand Name:
General brandModel Number:
escalatorStep Width:
30 and 35 degrees
Rated Speed:
Main Power:
380V 3P 50HZ
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
The packing material is wooden case,normally one unit elevator needs a 40'GP,because the escalator length between the 5.69meters and 11.8meters
Delivery Time
Within 30 days after received the deposit.
It can safely transport large quantities of passengers as quickly as possible. It is widely used in hotels, luxurious restaurants, supermarket, business places and public transportation. Safe, quite,pretty and efficient, the distinctive Syney escalator displays construction class and style, making customers better enjoy their shopping.

Products Photos
Lightness, graceful, flexible, smooth.
Uses the square tube truss, the welding is strict, the load capacity is big, the movement stable is reliable.
The simple and fashionable streamline appearance, when something unusual enters, the protection device can respond very quickly, so as to guarantee the safety of passengers and escalators.
The attractive aluminum alloyed floor plate has good anti-slip and is also very agile and safe.
It makes the escalator steps operate stably and effectively prevent step deflection or friction with skirt panel.
The inner side of the skirt panel is installed with Anti-clamp rubber bar, so as to prevent passengers from clamped or other accidents.
1.  series of escalator is designed and manufactured according to the Safety Rules For Construction And Installation of Escalators And Passenger Conveyors by European Standardization Committee EN115 ( Accord with GB16899-1997).
2. It is widely used in big malls, supermarkets, subways, railway stations, business centers and other public places, it is an ideal transportation vehicle connecting different floors of the building.
3.  series of escalator is specially designed for the extensive use of public places, which is not only suitable for the elegant commercial buildings but also for common public buildings.
4. series of escalator is specially designed for magnificently decorative buildings such as department stores, office buildings etc...Slim escalator with narrow handrail can be easily caught by passengers, which improves the comfortable sense of passengers when it runs. Its compact style is harmonious with surroundings and adding stronger modern tinge.
5. With complete specifications, graceful styles and flexible Layouts. The combination of ergonomically designing ideas make the use and maintenance work more convenient and quicker.
6. The use of high quality new materials, manufactured by the advanced technique and equipment can fully guarantee the safety and reliability, strong durability and stable performance of our products. The antislip design of stainless steel step treads improves the safety of running.
7. The adoption of advanced technique for driving system makes the escalator reach a new level in the respect of quiet and stable running and guarantees the most comfortable sense of passengers when it runs.
8. Please feel free to contact us for up-to-date information about the quotation, features and specifiations of the products or kindly submit your inquires to the inbox provided by Made-in-China
We are the leading manufacturer of escalators and elevators. We also supply OEM for the customers. If you need these products, please feel free to contact us
We produce and supply kinds of automatic sidewalks according to your unique requirements.
Energy efficient and user-friendly stand-by speed to enhance
Superior performance of escalator
Safe, reliable, comfortable and quiet, smooth, low noise, cozy enjoyable
Automatic lubrication
Fault display
Demarcation lamp
Running direction indication
Automatic start/stop
VVVF variable frequency energy-saving system
Traveling height: 1, 100 to 29, 000mm
Step width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and1400mm
Rated speed: 0.1m/s-0.5m/s
Persons: 4, 500 to 9, 000p/h
DIP angle: 0 to 35Electric Escalator manufacturers
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