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China Ink Duct End Block factory

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End Seals For Chamber Doctor Blade Systems
*It is an EVA rubber foam which can be used for all applications.The materials is relatively flexible and adapts well to the chamber outline.The lifetime and the sealing properties are ood at medium printing speeds.
*Durable,High quality,Fast delivery,Reasonable price,Good-after service
*Increased performance thanks to specific end seal solutions
*Together with the doctor blades, the seals play an important role in achieving a smooth doctoring in the coating units.
*The seal's function is to close the chamber on both sides in order retain the coating in the chamber.
Product NameEnd Seals For Chamber Doctor Blade Systems
MaterialEVA Rubber
SizeAs customer request
FeatureIncrease the life of doctor blade, good sealing performance
Suit forHeidelber,Roland, Mitsubishi, Komori, KBA etc.
Delivery TimeAbout 3-7 Working Days After Payment
SampleFree Samples
PaymentVISA,T/T,Weston Union,Trade Trade Assuranceand etc.
Shipping MethodBy Sea,DHL,Fedex,TNT,UPS and etc.
Company Information:

(1)By Express :2~5working days (Including DHL,UPS,EMS,Fedex)
(2)By Sea:21~45working days
(3)By Air:3~7working days
(4)By Truck:28-33working days
Tips: We will send you a tracking number or BL documents after the goods was shipped .China Ink Duct End Block factory
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