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Compared with traditional wet type granulator, the dry type granulator can granulate the power materials without adding any intermediates or additives. Meanwhile, the granule produced by dry type granulator is very uniform in fineness, and the density of the granule is greatly increased.
The process of dry type granulator is not only required to control the pollution in the process, reduce the occupied area, but also to reduce the energy consumption, so as to make the process more reasonable. It improves the appearance and mobility of materials, making them easy to store and transport. Meanwhile, the solubility, specific surface area and porosity of the materials can be controlled. The dry type granulator is especially suitable for the materials which cannot be made into pellets by wet type granulator or fluidized granulator. The dry type granulator has following advantages:
●  To avoid cross-contamination during the process, the machine is equipped with granulator and drive device;
●  All parts contacting with materials are easy to disassemble and clean, which can effectively avoid dust flying and reduce the possibility of contamination;
●  With the filling mechanism of natural exhaust passage, the materials can be distributed informally to the machine, making the volume density more unique;
●  The unique cooling system allows the drum itself to adjust the temperature;
●  Two-stage granulation system to ensure that the machine produces the required particles;
●  The equipment adopts visual design, which is convenient for operators to observe and maintain the machine;
●  PLC control, POD display, easy to operate;
●  In accordance with GMP requirements.
the dry type granulator is widely used in granulation of materials in pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, especially suitable for materials that are easily decomposed or caked when exposed to water and heat. This machine has compact structure, simple operation and convenient disassembly and cleaning. In the pharmaceutical industry, the materials from dry type granulator can be directly tablet-compressing or capsule-filling.
Schematic Structure

Technical Parameters
The maximum capacity(kg/h)4070100150200250300
Fineness of the particles(mesh)10~30 mesh
Total power of the equipment(kw)6.879.5212.9714.9714.972121

Overall    dimensions   (mm)L900110014501450145015001500
H1800 (based on customer request)
H3100 (based on customer request)
Q & A
Q 1: What is the cause of roller easily wear and tear?
A: a) Roller is easy to break. The surface structure of the roll, the main dimension parameters are the number of circular teeth, the width of the tooth surface slot, the depth of the open surface of the tooth. Different surface structure of roller has different compaction effect on material. According to material characteristic, it can be divided into three kinds of press wheel: Western medicine type, traditional Chinese medicine type and special material type. The material of roll is generally made of stainless steel iron 2Gr13, the surface is treated by gas nitriding, the surface hardness HV10 is more than 1000 °, and the depth of nitridation hardening layer is above 0.15mm, which makes the roller surface have strong wear resistance and fatigue strength. And has good corrosion resistance.
b) The problem of roller dislocation is actually due to the problem of low manufacturing precision under high pressure.
c) Cooling water leaking. There is cooling water in the inner part of the roll and dynamic sealing device on the rotating roll and the static cooling water pipe. However, after a long period of service, the leakage or breakage will occur under the high pressure. At present, some manufacturers have improved the roll structure, so that the cooling water directly to the roller surface, can effectively reduce the roller surface temperature, but also greatly reduce the possibility of leakage, should be said to be a progress.
In short, due to the reasons of material selection and processing technology, many rolls are worn and damaged after use, due to the high pressure during granulation, and after a period of use. So many manufacturers have to buy rolls again after using them for a period of time.

Q 2: What is the reason for the low one-time yield rate of the finished products?
A: 1) This is related to the formulation of materials, but according to the current use of dry granulator in many pharmaceutical plants, the roll is the main reason. Due to the quenching process on the surface of the roll, the surface quenching and tempering process is different, the relative bus parallelism between a pair of rollers is too poor, the hardness is not enough, and the temperature of the roller is too high under high pressure, which leads to many rolls in use. The particle contained more fine powder and the yield of primary finished product was low. Some users will screen back to press back to machine into sheet material, granulation. Although this method improves the yield to a certain extent, but after repressing the particles, the Dissolution, disintegration, and so on is obviously inferior to the one-time pressed particles.
2) Another reason is the structural design of the equipment. Many domestic pharmaceutical factories use dry granulators to produce traditional Chinese medicine granules. Because the Chinese medicine particles are easy to absorb moisture and become sticky, materials tend to accumulate and block channels on dry granulators. When these problems occur, it is necessary to shut down and clean up, which not only affects the production efficiency, but also reduces the finished product yield.
3) The poor cooling effect is also one reason. If the extrusion heat produced by extrusion on the surface of press wheel can not be cooled effectively, the rate of yield will be greatly reduced if the material is bonded by heat and the phenomenon of sticky wheel is prevented.

Q 3: How to deal with the issue of high torque of main motor?
A: The measures are: Regular inspection and cleaning of lubricating oil systems. Vibration measuring instrument and infrared thermometer are used to measure the main motor bearing and to form the trend chart. If the trend value is exceeded, the value of idling current or power of the main motor is determined to be over the specified value, and the bearing should be replaced. Check the alignment between the main motor output shaft and the gearbox input shaft at regular intervals. The alignment must be checked three months after the first start-up or replacement of bearings. Conduct electrical test to determine the cause of rotor unbalance. The vibration velocity of clutch should be measured and the dynamic balance should be readjusted if the specified value is exceeded. Check the cylinder heating and cooling system regularly to ensure that the material is heated and fully melted. If the power curve of the main motor and the pressure curve of the melt increase at the moment of starting up of the extruder, the feeding quantity of the feeding system is too large and the feed quantity should be reduced.

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