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Extract Concentrator price

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Zhejiang Zhongbo Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd.(Formerly as Wenzhou Jiangbo Dairy Product Equipment Manufacturing Factory) was founded in the early of 1980s. We are located in Wenzhou, China. Our leading products are MVR( mechanical recompression evaporator)evaporator, multiple effect falling film evaporator, forced circulation evaporator, juice evaporator, multiple effect continuous crystallization evaporator, continuous crystallization salt-making evaporator, pharmaceutical extraction and concentration complete unit, automatic discharging slag equipment, mixing tanks equipment, etc., which are widely used in environmental engineering, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and other fields of extraction, concentration and crystallization.

Our advantages:
Powerful manufacturing capability.90 employees and 10080 m2 factory.
Skilled workers and experienced engineers.
Quality is guaranteed. Price is competitive.

Zhongbo's main products:
-Herb/essential oil extraction concentration unit; Alcohol/ethanol/hexane recovery tower
-Evaporators for food and sewage treatment
-Stevia sugar production line
-Collagen production line
-Production lines for various dairy products (pure milk,yoghurt,soy milk,flavored milk,milk beverage,ice cream)
-Production lines for various beverages (fruit juice,tea,health drink)
-Sterilization machines
-CIP cleaning systems
-RO water treatment
-Stainless steel tanks
-Sanitary pumps

Our quotation is favorable compared with our competitors. Welcome to visit our factory.
Zhongbo factory owns 8 workshops,totally occupying 10080 m2.
Workshops:Extract Concentrator price
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