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Rubber Additives manufacturers

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Mixture of dibenzoylamino diphenyl disulfide (DBD) with organometallic complexes and dispersants
Technical indicators:
Nature:The environmentally friendly peptizer A-86 is a derivative of DBD. It is blue-gray granular. It has great improvement in processing performance and working environment compared with traditional powdery peptizer, and it can flow freely. It is suitable for automatic weighing. the amount. This product does not contain chlorine. It is harmless under normal conditions and has good storage stability under low temperature and dry conditions.
Natural rubber and unsaturated synthetic rubber are added during mastication on an open mill or an internal mixer to improve the mastication efficiency. A86 can catalyze the cleavage of molecular chains during the mastication process, and at the same time can combine with the free radicals of the rubber molecules to prevent the free radicals from re-joining at the end of the rubber fracture, thus shortening the time of mastication, reducing energy consumption and reducing production costs. To increase production capacity.
1.Can be added separately during mastication
2, can also be added with the accelerator M, DM at the same time;
3, direct mixing preparation of a carbon black masterbatch, in the early mixing to join. The addition amount is 0.1-0.5% by weight of the compound.Rubber Additives manufacturers
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