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Direct Driven Centrifugal Fan suppliers

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KDF WS series three phase direct driven outer rotor centrifugal fan are newly developed and manufactured products with internationally advanced technology of similar products introduced by the company with volume ranging from 600 m³/h to 20,000 m³/h. This is external rotor motor type with three phase. They are characterized by low noise, big volume, high efficiency and good appearance. They are ideal components for AHU and ventilator.
In particular, it is necessary to use personal protective work aids (e.g. gloves) because of sharp edges and corners when performing any handling, installing, dismounting, repairing or checking of Jiefeng products. All devices connections must comply with the respective safety standards and regulations.
Any changes or modification to individual components of our products which could affect its safety proper functioning are forbidden.
Q1: Where is the production placed
A1: The air conditioning fan factory is located in Yuyao, Zhejiang, where is about 2 hours driving to Shanghai. And within Multistack, there are other factories in Guangzhou, Ningbo, which produces the chiller, oil free chiller and so on.
Q2: how many people are working for the company and where is the production placed
A2: There are more than 50 workers within Yuyao factory for centrifugal fan or other ventilation product manufacturing.
Q3: What is the material information for stainless steel the fans use?
A3: Currently most of fans are made of galvanized steel, and its part number is DX51D+Z.Direct Driven Centrifugal Fan suppliers
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