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Dust Collecting System manufacturer

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Dust collecting system is suitable for the amount of floating dust, suspended dust’ collection and management, especially for cutting operation, bagged assignments, grinding operation, sandblasting operations, drilling.

Technical data
Maximum air60KPA66KPA72KPA
Maximum suction55KPA58KPA66KPA
Air volume800m³h1200m³h1300m³h
IP rateIP54IP54IP54
Rated frequency50HZ50HZ50HZ

1.IC automatic control starts and stops, Easy to operate and save energy.
2.Vacuum power, Dust collection effect is good.
3.Not only good environmental protection and also improve the quality of painting
4.High-precision filter, double filter to improve the motor life, no vacuum bag, reduce expenses
5.Vacuum turbine mute motor, the noise is small
6.More than one dry mill can be used at the same time
7. Good quality, accessories are, the price is reasonable, good after-sales service
8. Programmable control system: The use of industrial inverter, the main electrical components are imported well-known brands
9.Using the most advanced IC control system in Europe, The system can through the grinding machine on / off to control the start of the dust host, In the grinding head to stop working after the delay of dust for 8 seconds, so that can absorb the excess dust, to extend the service life.

High filtering efficiency .
The filter adopting high efficient PTFE layer technology that has high level filtration efficiency on 0.3 micron , and filtration degree above 97%. In addition, we can satisfy the special working condition to choose anti-static, fireproof, waterproof and grease proof material etc, it is also easy to clean the dust

Q1.Do you offer installation technical service?
Yes, our factory will provide technical instruction of our dust collecting system machine.

Q2.How long is the after sales service?
Our factory have one year after sales service and maintenance support.

Q3.What is your payment terms?
TT, Western Union, Money Gram.

Q4.What is your MOQ?
Minimum order quantity is 1pc,and more competitive price if increase the order qty.

Q5. What is the shipping port?
We ship the products from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong Port. If you need combine your the goods with your other suppliers, no problem.Dust Collecting System manufacturer
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