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Yellow Wigs suppliers

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1. Hair Grade: 8A Blonde Virgin (9A Virgin Hair Can Be Choosed)
2. The Length: 22inch. (8-28 inches in stock)
3. Hair Density: 130%. (150%/180%/200%/250%/Can choose)
4. Hair Style: Silky Straight.
5. Hair Color: Yellow.
6. Cap Construction: Full Lace. (Lace Front/Silk Top/Can choose)
7. Lace Color: Transparent. (Medium/Light/Dark/Can Be Customized)
8. Cap Size: Medium size 22.5 inch. (Small/Large/ Can Choose)
9. Handing Time: 3-5 days. (Without Customization)
10. Shipping by FedEx/DHL. (3-5Business Days)
Hairline & Baby Hair: YES
Elastic Band + Combs: YES
What is a Full Lace Wig?
Like the name implies, a full lace wig is constructed completely out of lace which has hairs attached to it. So the whole cap is made out of lace and it has a band around it that stretches. This type of wigs can have combs sewed onto the cap, usually two for the temple area and one on the back that secure the wig on your head even more or they can be without combs. When you receive your full lace wig, you will also notice that it has extra lace all around which you cut before you apply it. It is all handmade work and more expensive, but it looks very natural. You can part your hair anywhere as you want and wear high ponytail.Yellow Wigs suppliers
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