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China Preformed Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable

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Double Suspension Clamp
Structure and Material:
The product is combined Clamp, including a Yoke Plate( consist of Housings, Rubber Inserts, Bolt, Split Washer, Flat Washer, Nut and Lock Pin ), a unit of HSU Rods and a unit of Armor Rods. Armor Rods, which are directly wrapped outside of the cable and gripped by Rubber Inserts, provide protection and hardness for the cable. HSU Rods gripped by Housings press the Rubber Insert.
Housing------It is made of cast aluminum alloy, which is stable, better anticorrosive in areo and mechanical performance.
Rubber Insert------It is made of high-class rubber, compounded for resistance to ozone, wheathering extreme high and low temperature variations and compression set.
Bolt, Nut, Split Washer, Lock Pin------Hot dipped galvanized.
Flat Washer------Electric power standards
Anchor Shackle------Electric power standards
Armor Rods ------High strength aluminium alloy for wheathering extreme high and low temperature variations, compression set, water resistance and high hardness.
HSU Rods------the same to Armor Rods
Connected Hardware----- Anchor Shackle, Clevis Screw, UB Clevis Eye, ZH Clevis Eye, Electric Power standards.
Application Guide for Double Suspension Clamp:
1.It is designed to connect corner/elevation angel smaller than 25°Pole and the Cable, a unit of Suspension Clamps per pole.
2.Select the Catalog Number corresponding to the appropriate cable range, Load-weight or Span Length.
3.It is suitable to OPGW Cable.
4.The normal form can be directly used according to the hanging wire way. Select one from two different combinations matching the Suspension Clamp.
Double Suspension Clamps For OPGW Cable
Standards of Double Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable:
Catalog NumbeCable Diameter
(mm)Helical RodsHSU RodsSeparation (mm)Color Code
Length (mm)QuantityLength (mm)Quantity
OXF 1010-S9.5-10.1210010150011485Emerald Green
OXF 1080-S10.2-10.8210011150011485Navy Blue
OXF 1150-S10.9-11.5210011150011485Black
OXF 1220-S11.6-12.2220012160012485Red Brown
OXF 1290-S12.3-12.9220012160013485Blood-red
OXF 1360-S13.0-13.6230013170013485Salmon Pink
OXF 1430-S13.7-14.3230013170013485Deep Yellow
OXF 1500-S14.4-15.0250012190012485Light Green
OXF 1570-S15.1-15.7250012190012485Middle Blue
OXF 1640-S15.8-16.4260013200012485Sky Blue
OXF 1710-S16.5-17.1260013200013485Middle Gray
OXF 1780-S17.2-17.8260013200013485Turquoise
OXF 1850-S17.9-18.5260014200013485Jade Green
Products are sold as an assembly, including a unit of Armor Rods, a unit of HSU Rods, a pair of Housing, Clevis Screw a pair of Rubber Insert and selected connecting Hardware corresponding to the suspension way.
Installation Sketch Map:
CombinationChina Preformed Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable
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