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Ejector factory

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Steel Ejector Pins- Stainless Steel SKD61 SKH51 SKD11 Ejector Pin Materials
Introduction of Steel Ejector Pin
The Steel Ejector pin is one of the component for plastic mold, mostly use in plastic injection mold. In the plastic mold, it plays the function that makes the product separate from the mold. Some hard alloy ejector pin or tungsten ejector pin also use for making long and thin holes. It is usually made of mild steel.
Type: Blade type ejector pin, Round type ejector pin
The material of the Ejector Pin
Mostly use the material of SKH51, SKD61, SKD11, 65Mn, etc.
SKH 51 has higher tenacity than SKD61, and SKD61 ejector pin can bear the high temperature of 1600℃. 65Mn ejector pin has worse quality, most of the plastic mold now stop using 65Mn material, although it is the cheapest one.
Specifications of the Ejector Pin
Pin Diameter: 1/8” ~ 1/2”
Head Diameter: 1/4” ~ 3/4”
Head Thickness: 1/8” ~ 1/4”
Overal Length: 6, 10, or customized.Ejector factory
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