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Balcony Glass System suppliers

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〓 Our History
2001, Finzone was established;
2008, sold the balcony glazing system to Europe;
2013, established Russia office;
2017, the partner over 50 in 40 countries.
〓 Our Factory
Shanghai Finzone is a factory of aluminum window, special for balcony glazing system and sliding glass folding doors. Through constant pioneering and development, Shanghai Finzone becomes one of the largest balcony glazing companies, which integrates design, manufacturing and sales of balcony glazing.
Design and manufacture are our strongest assets and we have the knowledge, know-how and experience to assimilate our products so that special requirements and wishes can be taken into account no matter what continent we are talking about. Now we are manufacturing our products in Shanghai and established R&D organizations, where there are a group of top designers, medium-and-high technicians and managers.
Since its establishment, relying on excellent quality, acceptable price, top service, advanced professional experience and constant technical innovation, Finzone windows & doors leads the balcony glazing system. Shanghai Finzone gets the CE、TUV、GOST、ISO and many patens till now.
Finzone has exported to the US, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Czech, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, England, Lebanon, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia, India……
〓 Our Product
Balcony glazing; frameless sliding folding door; frameless sliding door; aluminum windows and doors;
〓 Product Application
Apartment\house\villa\coffee shop\
〓 Our Certificate
〓 Production Equipment
Aluminum windows and doors assembling line
〓 Production Market
All the world specially in Europe
〓 Our service
We can offer the training manual including the videos.Balcony Glass System suppliers
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