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Barium Sulphate quotation

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98% Barium Sulphate
1.Biggest Advantage of XM-PB02 98% barium sulphate
The top grade filler for coating products
Amazing good smoothness on coating
Mirror like effect on coating, excellent gloss

2.Barium Sulphate Precipitated Specification
Model No.XM-PB02
BaSO4 Content %98.6%
D50 Particle Size<0.7 micron
Moisture %0.07
Water Soluble Matters %0.06
Iron (Fe) %0.0008
Oil Absorption g/100g12
pH Value6.5-9
325 Mesh sieve Residue %0.007
Conductivity <us/cm<150 us/cm

3.Uniform Particle Size Distribution
4.Our Services
5.Material Notes:      
XIMI Barium Sulphate (Blanc Fixe) products are made using only the highest quality white, natural barium sulfate ore. XIMI Blanc Fixe unique properties of fine grind, high specific gravity, low solubility and chemical inertness make then ideal for many applications.

Coatings: Automotive Primers, Automotive Topcoats, High Gloss Enamel, Powder Coatings, Semi-gloss Latexes, Gloss Latexes, Industrial Coatings, Architectural Coatings, Maintenance Coatings, Industrial Primers

Fillers: Plastics, Ceramics, Friction Materials, Rubber Goods, Plastisols, Adhesives, Latex Products, Urethane Foams, Acoustical Compounds, Insulating Materials, Sound Attenuation Products

Key Words:  BaSO4, Baryte, Barium Sulfate, Barium Sulphate, Blanc Fixe

Q: How can I get more information (Techinical Data Sheet / COA / MSDS) about the products?
A: Please contact us. Any query from you will get our high attention and prompt reply.

Q: What's the MOQ?
A: We don't have MOQ. LCL or FCL order are welcome. But to save your unit transportation cost, we suggest FCL order. Normally, one 20 GP container can load 25 Ton.

Q: How to get sample?
A: Kindly contact us. Free sample is waiting for you!

Q: Are your producer or trade company?
A: We are producer having our own factory and raw material mine. Welcome to visit our factory!

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